Monday, 11 April 2016

evaluation 7

Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? 

Overall I think the idea and creativity of our title sequence worked very well, I think this because compared to the rest of the class none of ours were similar in anyway. The class gave such a varity of genres and they all stood out in there own way however ours had a unique style like no one else's, we went for a not so popular genre compared to title sequences students have done over the years and by this ours stood out.

I feel like ours was based on creativity due to the book making and character story lines, this helped ours stand out as we know due to the feedback we got from students and teachers. All feedback we got was positive, they comment on how great the characters looked, how well the book was made, that the idea itself was amazing and we was told in the early stages by a member of staff that if it was done properly and had full attention payed to it that this title sequence will be a huge success. An as we posted the final cut the same teacher came back and told us that they knew we could do it, this was a huge eye opener in how good it was, we put so much effort into it and the hard work did pay off .

I learnt that by listening to all feedback that it can make your project ten times better, all the little things add up and when corrected it makes it so much better. For example by adding the pictures on the boarded colour paper on each character page looked so much better, plus by adding the flash at the begin of the page shot when they came to life gave it that yearbook look. When we showed the class our final copies and we got all that feedback we generally wanted to give up as we thought all the corrections given wouldn't be possible to do in that amount of time we had left, but we was wrong. I'm so glad we didn't give up as I'm very proud of how it turnt out in the end.

evaluation 6

evaluation 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

Because our audience are teenagers age 12-18 we applied the types of codes and conventions to engage with them.lys i think we did reach the target audience as being a teenager myself and being within the age bracket we had given i did enjoy it and so did my classmates.

Keeping in mind that my target audience are teenagers i got inspiration for the characters and how they will act from being in school myself. i go to secondary school and from year 7 to year 12 all characters i have used in the title sequence are people i have witnessed through my school years, elements on how they dress and act are all inspired from my classmates. however i did rely on american films about high school to help me deliver the performance, this is because i go to a British school and American and British schools are so different in many ways.  Any teenager knows that these characters are relatable to them as every school as students like this, they all know or have witnessed a freak, geek and a group of popular girls and boys. They face these people each day and by watching our title sequence they can clearly see that it will relate to their school life, and by choosing characters who will easily relate to the audience is a huge success for some reason teenagers love watching school films, i think this is because they can relate to the fact that they go to school as well plus they want to see how other kids act and behave in school compared to them. 

We are attracting our target audience by relating the storyline to their daily lives this automatically connects with the audience and keeps them keen and interested in whats going on. plus the bright colours and loud music will keep them engaged through out.

evaluation questions 1-4

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Final Cut Pro problem

Today we began editing the clips together on Final Cut Pro, me and Brittany sat down and applied and discussed where and how the title sequence will fit together. As we started on the mac computers another class came in to use the rest of the macs, this was a problem as Final Cut Pro began to lag and when we tried to watch our footage back it kept missing out scences we need to see, this became a slight situation as today we planned to complete the freaks section at the beginning of the title sequence. This set us back as we wasted an hour waiting for the macs to become faster.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Geek page- accessories used

The geeks page was full of school related items such as a grade mark on a paper being a A+, books, a flag say "success" and a badge saying he'd boy. These are all elements that connect with school which connects with school equalling his character as a geek. The border of his video was green and orange, we chose these colours as they stand out on the black paper which makes his video stand out, the text saying "Ezra miller" & "the geek" are in orange and green as well, coordinated with the bordered rectangles.

Elite page - accessories used

The elite page had the colour pink all over it, the text was pink their characters videos were boarded in the colour pink and the stickers on the page were pink as well. This was because the colour pink indicates girly girls, and as they are girly girls we chose this colour to help the, represent the page. We had a pink love heart placed between Ellie and Ella's videos and underneath them they had a sticker say "perfect" I love the "perfect" as it states they are the popular girls and are better than everyone else, which is also how they are shown in American high school films. Then underneath Emma Roberts picture it say "Queen B" with a crown above it, this shows she the main girl and is most popular above them all, this also follows along with the stereotype of a high school, there's allways a main girl who's most popular. Plus we had a fruity cocktail sticker on the page as well to emphasis the girly ness even more.